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Hosting24 migrates to HostRangers Cloud infrastructure

October 19, 2020, Written by 0 comment





Hostrangers has migrated its first ever premium brand, Hosting24, to the Hostrangers Cloud.

The Hostrangers Cloud is used to empower over 29 million customers around the world with its web hosting services.

Why has Hosting24 migrated to the Hostrangers Cloud?

The switch to our centralised cloud infrastructure means the standard of customer support, our main area of focus, on Hosting24 has improved greatly. By migrating to the Hostrangers cloud, we are able to identify Hosting24 users’ queries and technical issues quicker than ever before because they are expected to be similar to those experienced by Hostrangers customers.

The move to Hostrangers infrastructure will also provide more scalability to the Hosting24 platform. This proved difficult to do on its old infrastructure. However, by having all of our products working on one unified platform, we have been able to improve Hosting24’s level of reliability and performance based on our experience of scaling Hostrangers and 000webhost.

The final part of the transition to the Hostrangers cloud was that Hosting24 users now receive an improved user experience as part of the move to the Hostrangers cloud. All new users will be given the chance to use our custom-built hPanel, as part of the upgraded UX. Old users will get the access to fully revamped Members Area and will still be able to use cPanel to manage their sites.

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